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Advice you can actually use today

“Every chapter is a real-life case study in how to overcome today's most pressing challenges.”


Best business bathroom reader

“Short stories with industry leaders -- from large, small, and large companies -- followed by business truths that you can use, today. You can read this book in about 65 minutes.”


100,000+ business owners and leaders can't be wrong

“This book summarizes stories and lessons drawn from the BusinessCast podcast. With over 100,000 listeners, the BusinessCast is Canada's leading business podcast. There's no fluff here -- just the straight goods.”


Marketing, Sales, Operations, I.T, Finance...this book covers it all

This book addresses the day-to-day realities of how to grow a business from every angle and does so by drawing on an impressive list of interviews.”


Fortune, Wired, Fast Company, and the BusinessCast

“It’s tough to keep up on the latest business trends, tools, and technologies. This collection of BusinessCast lessons is as good as any found in Fortune, Wired, Fast Company, etc. ”


Your business is going to grow faster and better starting today

“Great book. Great insights. I can't remember the last book that has so much stuff that I can apply today.”

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